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This library contains approximately 1,000 scholarly papers and books on a wide variety of topics. They are 'free for use,' but we would appreciate making reference to this source. The papers provide excellent additional teaching on the topics covered in the Base Line Study courses offered by the Worldview Alliance.    Click on a category for listing of papers/books:


The above Papers have been developed by a wide audience of theologians and ministry leaders over the past 30-40 years. While we hold agreement with a substantial portion of the Papers offered, there may be particular matters where we would have some disagreement. The Papers listed are not to 'take sides' per se, but are offered to all who would desire to help the Body of Christ grow closer to a 'firm and unified' position for the glory of God.

Note: The entire set of papers are in process of being reformatted to provide clean text with search capability. This is expected to be complete by end of 2010.

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