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The Worldview Alliance presents a strategy for addressing the many moral, economic, political, educational and social ills prevalent in America at this time.
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The secularization of our culture, and now (as many Christian leaders are saying) the rush to Socialism, is perhaps the greatest threat to the Christian Church in America since its founding. What is needed is a mature, comprehensive training program to truly 'equip the saints' for the challenge of our time. That is what the Worldview Alliance offers.

The initial program for a church desiring to participate in the Worldview Alliance ministry is called the Base Line Study (BLS). The BLS consists of three components as follows:

1. The PEERS Test

This is a professionally validate worldview assessment consisting of 70 test items in politics, economics, education, religion and social issues (PEERS). Its purpose is to show the primary 'worldview philosophy' forming our thoughts and ideas. Results are rated as from Biblical Theism, Secular Humanism or Socialism. Each individual receives a personal PEERS Scorecard and the church leadership receives Group Summary reports (not showing results identifying individual scores). The PEERS test can be completed online or via test booklet, requiring approximately 30-40 minutes. The PEERS Test must be completed by all church leadership and 75% of active adult membership in order to establish a valid 'base line' of worldview understanding in the church.


2.  Developing a Biblical Worldview (DBW)

This is a 12 week study, one hour per week, providing introductory principles (but thorough content) for all areas of the PEERS Test. The course includes a Student Workbook for each participant and a Teacher's Guide for group leaders. Ideally the course would be conducted by Sunday School classes or small home groups. IMPORTANT: Included with the BSL program are free weekly webinar sessions conducted by Dan Smithwick, for class leaders of the DBW study. The webinars are run at various times/days of each week. The purpose of the webinars is to review each week’s lesson and answer questions from the prior week. This eliminates the need for churches to find ‘worldview experts’ in their churches to lead the weekly study groups.


3.  The Church Manifesto Papers

This is a collection of four teaching papers for 'read and discuss' requiring approximately 4-6 weeks of read and discussion. The papers included are:

A Manifesto for the Christian Church
An 11-page document providing a Biblical understanding of 20 key areas of human life. The document was signed by 127 individuals including well-known Christian leaders such as : Dr. Gleason Archer, Dr. Calvin Beisner, Dr. Harold O.J. Brown, Gary DeMar, Dr. Ted Engstrom, Michael Farris, Dr. Duane Gish, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Dr. Tim Lahaye, Dr. Josh McDowell, Dr. J. I. Packer, R.J. Rushdoony, Rev. Donald Wildmon, and Dr. Ralph Winter. The document was read at a solemn assembly in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC on July 4, 1986.

Articles of Affirmation and Denial
A 12-page document providing 'affirmation' and 'denial' statements on basic doctrines of the Christian faith. on the Kingdom of God-

Example: Consummation of the Kingdom

We affirm that the Kingdom of God will increase until it is consummated when Jesus delivers it to the Father and that, at the present time, this Kingdom is both already present and not yet consummated.

We deny that the Kingdom of God will be either consummated or realized totally, comprehensively, or perfectly on earth before the return of Jesus.

Several scriptures are then listed by reference giving support for the positions held.

The Essentials of a Christian Worldview
This contains 42 affirmation and denials statements in eight areas: The Nature of God, 2) The Nature of the Universe, 3) The Nature of Truth, 4) The Nature of True Values, 5) The Nature of Authority,, 6) The Nature of Salvation, 7) The Nature of Human Government, and 8) The Nature of History.

The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy
This paper was produced by a group of theologians and church leaders including James Boice, Norman Geisler, J.I. Packer, Carl Henry, John Warwick Montgomery, Francis Schaeffer, R.C. Sproul and Jay Grimstead. It was signed by over 300 other noted evangelical leaders.

The paper was produced to clarify what was the Biblical and historical view of the Bible due to a liberal and neo-orthodox view of scripture that was infiltrating most denominations, seminaries and churches during the 20th century.


The BLS program requires approximately 20 weeks of time to complete at a cost of $99 per person, or about $5 per week per participant. It is truly the most comprehensive and affordable Christian training program available to the Church today, and includes live weekly leadership training with the authors of the material.

If your church carries a burden for the 'state of the culture' and wants to be a part of the solution, please submit the Church Profile form. You will be contacted to answer questions you may have and review enrollment periods for the BLS program.

Note: Several other products will be offered as various ministries become members of The Alliance.

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