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The Worldview Alliance presents a strategy for addressing the many moral, economic, political, educational and social ills prevalent in America at this time.
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The education program offered by the Worldview Alliance is intended for church use. Our mission is to provide a user-friendly, low-cost but comprehensive Biblical worldview program for adults of all ages in local churches. However, the goal is not just to get Christians 'smarter,' but rather to be equipped with tools for taking action to curb/reverse the drift into Humanism/Socialism occurring in our nation. The Church will not survive as a healthy, vibrant organization if this trend continues. Germany? Europe?

For your church to participate in the Alliance Plan, you need to start with the Base Line Study (BLS), explained in the Products and Services section. The BLS will run approximately 20 weeks and a cost of $99 per person, or about $5.00 per week. The Plan begins with a worldview assessment of your members. This is done on a confidential basis for each person, but with summary results provided to you as pastor of the church. The second part is completion of a formal worldview study course containing a Student Workbook and Teacher's Guide. Included with the cost is a live weekly webinar conducted by Dan Smithwick for course teachers. These will be run at various days/times of each week to facilitate the needs of each teacher. The webinars eliminate the need for you to have a 'worldview expert' in your church. You may have as many teachers as you like to participate in the webinars, or just one teacher who will in turn give information to other teachers.

Because of this structure, the BLS program will have set start dates, six times per year. That will ensure that all teachers for each session be 'on the same page.'

If you have an interest in bringing this program to your church, please complete the Registration Form; you will be contacted for further instruction on how to participate.

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