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The Worldview Alliance presents a strategy for addressing the many moral, economic, political, educational and social ills prevalent in America at this time.
Executive Team

Daniel J. Smithwick

Dan Smithwick, President of Nehemiah Institute, holds a B.S. degree in mathematics/ education from North Dakota State University. For approximately 30 years, Dan worked in middle and upper management positions of several companies, including an AT&T Bell Company for 19 years.

In 1986 Dan and his wife Faye founded the Nehemiah Institute to function as a Christian education ministry. The Institute is a research foundation providing unique worldview testing and training materials to Christian educators. The testing program, known as PEERS Testing, has been used by over 1,000 high schools and colleges in all states and by various education groups in other countries.

Dan authored the PEERS Test and has written a worldview study course entitled Developing a Biblical Worldview. Dan also contributed a chapter (on worldview understanding) in The Media Wise Family by Dr. Ted Baehr, president of the Christian Film & TV Commission.

Dan has been a teacher in several settings including the military, corporations, and public and private schools. He has been a board member of four Christian schools.

Dan has been guest speaker on several Christian radio shows, including American Family Radio with Tim Wildmon, Issues & Education with Bob & Geri Boyd, Reasons for Faith, Paul Anderson, Point of View with Marlin Maddoux and That's the Law with Dr. Herb Titus. Dan has also been a workshop speaker at several Christian school conferences. In November 2001 Dan presented the work of Nehemiah Institute at the TRACS conference held at Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA and also at a Public Policy council meeting at Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, CO.

Nehemiah Institute has a 15-member advisory board consisting of the following individuals: Dr. Carole Adams, Foundation for American Christian Education Dr. David Ayers, Grove City College Dr. Ted Baehr, Christian Film & TV Dr. Steve Deckard, Institute for Creation Research Cathy Duffy, Author/lecturer Dr. Ollie Gibbs, Headmaster, Lexington Christian Academy Dr. George Grant, King's Meadow Study Center Dr. Jay Grimstead, Coalition on Revival Dr. Paul Jehle, New Testament Church/School Rev. E. Ray Moore, Jr., Exodus Mandate Dr. Brian Ray, National Home Educators Research Institute Rev. Andrew Sandlin, Center for Culture Leadership Rev. Steve Schlissel, Messiah's Covenant Community Church Dr. Herb Titus, attorney Dr. Charles Wolfe, Plymouth Rock Foundation

Dan and his wife Faye of 43 years, also on staff of Worldview Alliance, have five children, 11 grandchildren and currently reside in Orlando, FL.

Boyd Morris

Boyd is a graduate of George Fox University (B.A, B.S.) and of Western Evangelical Seminary (M.A.). Before founding Basileia International in 2001, Boyd helped start various mission organizations and alliances. From 1981 to 1990 he helped to start a denominational short term mission sending agency for youth and an inter-denominational student mission movement on 50 university campuses in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

From 1991 to 2000, Boyd helped to develop a new international ministry of Youth With A Mission called Strategic Frontiers (SF) which focuses on planting churches among unreached peoples. During the 1990's Boyd traveled through North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, India and China to help establish 10 long-term church planting teams among 10 unreached people groups. .

In 2001, Boyd and his wife Sheila founded Basileia International to be a catalyst for accelerating kingdom transformation through church reformation by

  • Federating new or exiting congregations into a covenantal, confessional, and reformational church (i.e., The Basileia Federation of Churches)

  • Forging local, regional, national and international alliances with other congregations and ministries (i.e., through the Worldview Alliance)

  • Teaching and mentoring leaders on:

  • A confessional alternative to liberalism that confesses Christ as Lord in all areas of thought and life according to Scripture which speaks with systematic relevancy and final authority to all things

  • A covenantal alternative to pietism that releases leaders to start, join and fund ministries federated as expressions of various congregations and that are led by a plurality of leaders

  • An ethical alternative to antinomianism that equips believers in the biblical worldview

  • A reformational alternative to humanism that disciples members through instruction, worship and discipline to be continually reforming the church

  • A transformational alternative to secularism that multiplies ministries to establish and extend Christian civilization.

Boyd and Sheila live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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