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The Worldview Alliance presents a strategy for addressing the many moral, economic, political, educational and social ills prevalent in America at this time.
Executive Summary

It is common knowledge that serious problems exist in our schools, corporations, government, in our families and even in our churches. These problems are not the result of bad luck, unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters. They are primarily the consequence of adopting polices (personal and social) that are counter to clear Biblical principles. Yet there appears to be little concern for restoring Christian ethics in the public square to resolve these problems. Why?

The short answer- the light of Christianity has been dimming in our nation for decades. Below is a chart developed by the Nehemiah Institute (co-founder of the Worldview Alliance) showing the downward trend among youth in Biblical worldview understanding. The results over the past 20 years show a dramatic shift away from a Biblical philosophy of life in favor of a secular, materialistic way of life. Results shown on this chart are based on a worldview assessment instrument known as the PEERS Test. Further information about the PEERS test is available at

The test evaluates "worldview understanding" in politics, economics, education, religion and social issues (PEERS). The test rates results into one of four worldview categories: Biblical Theism, Moderate Christian, Secular Humanism, or Socialism, from high to low scores. The chart below shows PEERS results from high school students in three distinct school settings.

    • Lowest group: Christian family students in public schools (testing done through church youth groups)

    • Middle group: Traditional Christian schools (schools with standard Christian curriculums such as A-Beka, Bob Jones, ACE, Alpha-Omega, etc., generally mixed with some texts from secular publishing firms, and with Bible class and chapel service). There are approximately 12,000 such private schools in America.

    • Upper group: "Worldview schools"- schools that have adopted a specific strategy to integrate Biblical worldview understanding into their curriculum. Two primary groups of this nature are Classical Christian schools and Principle Approach schools. There are less than 500 such schools in America.
  1. It is understandable that results are in a downward trend (away from a Biblical worldview) among students in public schools. Students are simply absorbing the philosophy under-girding the government school system, i.e., Socialism, even though being members of youth groups in Evangelical churches.

  2. It is not surprising to see the "worldview" schools scoring substantially higher and increasing year-by-year. Faculty training, improvement in curriculum and parent awareness/training all contribute to a stronger understanding of Biblical worldview philosophy by students in these schools.

  3. It is troubling to see that the great majority of Christian schools (middle group) are producing lower worldview test scores year-by-year, and declining at about the same rate as in public schools. We believe there are three primary reasons for this decline:

    • Beliefs of students are simply a reflection of the "worldview" found in their homes and churches.

    • Majority of teachers in these schools are hired from state universities with degrees in education where there is an ever-increasing secular philosophy of education being taught to would-be-teachers.

    • Students' worldviews are shaped more from peer group culture as defined by popular music, movies, TV, teen publications, etc. rather than from Biblical teaching.

Other than in Christian schools where Biblical worldview understanding is intentionally embraced (the top group on the chart) the trend among the current generation of youth is to abandon a Christian view of life in favor of a Secular/Socialist view of life. Unfortunately the "worldview" schools represent less than 2% of youth in America. With another school generation continuing this trend, Christianity will be a distant memory in America.

It is the view of the individuals working for the establishment of the Worldview Alliance that the problems plaguing our nation are directly the result of our drifting away from the Christian heritage given to us by our founding fathers and even earlier by the Pilgrims and Puritans. It is also our view that the process for restoring a Christian ethic in all spheres of life must begin at the pulpit. For this reason, this plan is directed specifically to pastors.

The Alliance plan offers a solution to these problems by providing serious-minded training in local churches to equip adults with a firm Biblical worldview to arrest the drift to humanism/Socialism and restore our nation to the principles held by leaders of the founding father era.

The initial training program consists of the PEERS Test and two study courses, requiring 4-5 months for completion at one hour per week, at a cost of approximately $10 per month per person. Included with the program, at no extra cost, are live weekly training sessions for church-appointed instructors via webinar.

If you believe your church would be interested in participating in the Worldview Alliance plan, please contact us for further information.

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