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The Worldview Alliance presents a strategy for addressing the many moral, economic, political, educational and social ills prevalent in America at this time.

I am familiar with the PEERS test and have reported on the findings of the test in a book of mine, The Last Christian Generation. The loss of a Christian worldview, as reported by 20+ years of PEERS testing from the Nehemiah Institute is the greatest danger facing the Church in America today. The solution to this problem is to 'equip the saints' with a mature biblical worldview, and that is exactly what the Worldview Alliance is doing in churches across America. I am pleased to support this initiative and encourage all pastors to carefully review the program as outlined on this site.

Josh D. McDowell
Author and Speaker

I am so thankful that the Worldview Alliance is offering the PEERS Test that both assesses and instructs in worldview.

Developing a biblical worldview in our students is a key directive of our school mission statement. It is also consistently at the top of the list when our parents are surveyed as to why they have their children in our school. If we are serious about developing a biblical worldview, we have to be intentional in our pursuit of it.

Michael R. Myers
Dayspring Christian Academy
Lancaster, PA

We have found the PEERS test most useful in helping to train parents.

We began using the PEERS test in 1989 and it has been a wonderful tool for discerning the intellectual worldview embraced by church elders, students, teachers and board members. Regardless of how well we may impart a Biblical worldview to students from trained teachers, the key to seeing true transformation in our land is the equipping of parents to consistently live out their Biblical faith in the home. If the home is not transformed, we have little hope of seeing churches and the surrounding culture impacted with a Biblical worldview.

Dr. Paul Jehle
Senior Pastor of The New Testament Church Founding Principal of The New Testament Christian School Plymouth, MA

Having been both a pastor and Christian educator for over twenty years, I was confident that I understood the issues that make a Biblical worldview. Coming from a conservative evangelical camp with a high regard for scripture and a passionate commitment to the fundamentals of the Faith, I prided myself that our church and school was thoroughly Biblical. That all began to change when both our staff and students took the PEERS Test and we excitedly awaited the results. However, my heart was soon to be grieved as I became dismayed at how secular both my teachers and students were in their thinking. As much as it hurt, I had to face the reality that both my teachers and students thought secularly like the world; they did not have a biblical mind.

Shortly thereafter I contacted the Nehemiah Institute hoping someone could suggest a plan for reshaping the thinking in our school. I was introduced to Dan Smithwick who became both a friend and mentor. That was nearly twenty years ago. Today, in large measure because of his influence, both our teachers and students reflect a high degree of biblical thinking. The statistics are alarming. We are losing the battle for the minds and hearts of our youth. The crisis we now face is so serious and the dangers to our students and schools are so great that we must assume every student and teacher thinks like a secular humanist, and that we will need to teach them biblical truth about every area of life.

The Worldview Alliance will prove to be invaluable to pastors who will utilize their program as they seek to reverse the worldview crisis we now face.

Huey A. Mills, Ph.D.
President, South Carolina Association of Christian Schools
Lancaster, SC

The PEERS test is the finest worldview analysis tool I've ever seen. On the day that EVERY pastor in America, stops assuming his people are "fine, because they are taught so well," and uses this test to assess his congregation's existing worldview weaknesses, our crumbling beloved America will finally be set upon the path to lasting restoration!

Rev. Cary Gordon
Peacemakers Institute
Sioux City, IA

I have known Dan Smithwick well since 1985. Our two organizations have been working together in a collegial and cooperative relationship since 1997 when I began the Exodus Mandate Project as a division of Frontline Ministries.

Dan is the creator of the PEERS test, first used in the mid 1980s. The PEERS test is the gold standard among all worldview tests that are informed by a Judeo-Christian, free-market and traditional-values worldview. Thousands of private and Christian schools, church youth groups or home school youth groups have used the PEERS test, the first of its kind, for the last several decades. In 1985, Dan perceived the moral and cultural drift away from historic American, traditional and Christian values. His creation of the PEERS test and his establishment of the Nehemiah Institute was one of the first substantial anchors cast into the sea to steady the nation's cultural drift.

Dan has also created a worldview curriculum that may be the most comprehensive one available. His curriculum not only stresses advantages of a Christian approach to life, morality and family values but also has strong business and free-market principles. I heartily recommend Dan personally as well as his Worldview Alliance. He has the highest personal integrity and his programs are respected and trusted by all who know and use them.

Rev. E. Ray Moore, Jr. Th.M.
President, Frontline Ministries and the Exodus Mandate Project

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